Average Savings

Quick Look at Your potential savings

Energy Management

According to recent studies, energy management systems can help homeowners save up to 25% on their monthly energy bill. In average, depending on their individual habits, South Floridians could save approximately $24 per month.

Potential Monthly savings: $24 ($288 annually)

Homeowners Insurance

Most insurance company offers discounts on homeowners’ insurance premiums if their security system is monitored to a central station. You could potentially save up to 20% on your annual premium of approximately $1000 (on average). You should consult your insurance agent for details.

Potential Monthly savings: $16 ($200 annually)

Regular Phone Line

Many homeowners using old security systems have keep their regular phone line to be connected with the monitoring station even if they don’t use it anymore for calling. GoToMyControls.com systems are using secure GSM radio transmitters which doesn’t need the regular phone line. The elimination of the regular phone line at an average monthly cost of $26 combined with the secure GSM service provided by GoToMyControls.com at a monthly cost of $12.99 allows you saving approximately $13 per month.

Potential Monthly savings: $13 ($156 annually)

Total potential savings: $53 per month or $636 annually!

Your savings could be potentially more than your monthly cost of securing, monitoring and remotely control your home or business!
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