Remote Video Monitoring

System alerts and notifications offer great advances in home and business monitoring, but remote Video Surveillance allows you to enhance those capabilities. It even offers options for outdoor and night-vision cameras to monitor what goes on in your backyard, driveway or outside your store.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually see what’s happening at your property while you’re away? Now you can watch live video of your living room or get a text message that shows your kids got back home safe. With Video Monitoring, you'll always know what's happening in your home or business. You'll see it wherever you are.

When our state-of-the-art cameras sense motion, they record a video clip and our system can instantly notify you via text or email. Then you can view the clip to see what happened. You can use your web-enabled cell or computer from anywhere to:

Your cameras can also instantly record and send you video if an alarm is triggered. Our UL certified monitoring station can alert the authorities if you can't be reached. However, the Monitoring Station NEVER has access to your video clips or cameras.

Live Video

View real-time video of your home or business from one or more of your cameras. You can watch each angle one at a time, or take advantage of the Multi Camera View to see all camera views on a single screen.

Saved Video Clips

Easily set up your cameras to record video clips whenever motion is detected or during scheduled times. Then view, tag and search your clips to retrieve them later.

Video Alerts to Your Phone

Using any compatible computer or web-enabled mobile device, you can access saved video clips and even view live feeds.* Recorded video clips can also be sent to your mobile device along with system alerts and notifications.

Some benefits:


How it Works offers you a variety of security-grade IP video cameras and we can even retrofit most traditional analog (CCTV) security cameras to use with portal. Each camera includes built-in Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity and requires only a high-speed Internet connection and a power outlet?—?no need to plug it into your computer or install any software. The videos are stored remotely on the servers, which means that you’ll be able to view both live and recorded clips anytime on the web?—?or even on your Web-enabled phone or PDA.

From your computer at, login to your account with your user name and password.

Go to the video tab where you can look at live video, saved video clips, recording schedules and adjust the camera settings. Live video feeds can be seen in multiple ways, to be set to your personal preference.

Saved Video Clips

Search cameras by date, protect and name clips for future reference.

Recording schedules

Recording schedules can be based on video motion detection. With your interactive services, you can create schedules based on system arming and disarming, entry delays or sensor activity.

Camera settings

Under camera settings, you can configure camera description and resolution, quality and frame rate, Image brightness, contrast and exposure, video motion detection, Wireless network settings and Pan/Tilt presets.

Service options available:

Option Description
Pro Video Up to 4 cameras, 50 MB storage
Pro Video + Up to 8 cameras, 250 MB storage
Extra Storage 250 250 MB
Extra Storage 500 500 MB
Extra Storage 750 750 MB

Additional information

  • 50 MB of storage can hold ~90 minutes of recorded video.
  • Monthly video uploads are limited to 10x account storage.


Camera equipment Specifications

Indoor Video IP Camera with fixed lens with or without night vision

  • Fixed-lens
  • Connects directly to wireless broadband router and an electrical outlet
  • Fast frame rates and great low-light performance provide high quality video
  • Privacy button disables remote viewing and recording
  • Trigger recording with motion and/or alarm
  • Ethernet and 802.11 b/g connectivity

Pan/Tilt IP Video IP Camera

  • All the features of the IP Camera, plus:
  • Lets you control the camera remotely to look around in real time
  • One camera can be used to cover multiple angles of a room or other area
  • Presets positioning - Save and toggle between specific camera angles while viewing live video

Outdoor Night-Vision IP Video Camera

  • Weatherproof outdoor Camera
  • Operates between -20 to +50 degrees Celsius
  • Integrated Infra-Red LED’s allowing the camera to see 30 feet away in total darkness
  • Power Over Internet capability

IP Video Server for Analog Cameras retrofitting

  • Our digital Video Server enables most traditional security (CCTV) cameras to work with our web-based remote system
  • Enables analog cameras to become motion-activated and record movement

Available in 1 or 4 camera channel version

* video cameras and feature packages are available at additional cost.

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